Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series. Audio content posted on the internet is not a podcast. A podcast is something digitally delivered via RSS that downloads to a subscriber's computer, smart phone or mobile device. 

Why should my school, club or organization have a podcast?

A podcast is an extremely functional, portable and convenient way for people to consume content. People listen to podcasts while driving to work or traveling, working out, mowing the lawn. Basically any place you can turn on a mobile device, you can consume a podcast. Your school, club or organization can benefit from having a podcast by being able to directly speak to your fanbase. The content is yours. You decide what you want to inform your fans, parents, alumni or members about. Instead of trying to get a five-minute interview on your local sports talk radio station, a podcast enables you to create content specific for your needs.

Why should we use you to produce and host our podcast?

For over 15 years, I have been a media professional covering wrestling. From hosting my own podcast (and hosting podcasts since 2008), being a frequent guest on radio talk shows around the country, a nationally-respected journalist and wrestling broadcaster on television, I've got experience in nearly every facet of our sport and every facet of online content creation, distribution and promotion. I'll co-host your show. Work with you to get the topics you want discussed, do all the editing and get your show distributed online.

What do we get?

With the Mat Talk Podcast Network doing your promotion, you get all the hard stuff taken care of for you. That goes with domain set up, podcast/media hosting, distribution across the major podcast directories like iTunes and Stitcher, the potential to have your own standalone app available on the Apple Store and Google Play store (for mobile devices), all the editing taken care of and we'll be able to send all the information to your sports information office. We're saving you time and money and providing you with a deliverable product to your fanbase or membership group.

Want a sample?

Here's a recent Short Time Podcast with World Team Member Brent Metcalf.

Now that intro, that could be your sponsors, donors, upcoming camps, anything you want to promote – tailored to your program.

What if we don't have the budget, how can we pay for it?

Here's one big thing a podcast can offer you — local, specific advertising. Does your club, program or organization have a local business that backs you by letting you host your post-match events, socials or meetings? Do you have existing sponsors who might want another product to give their company a reach? Your podcast can be sponsored by anyone you choose. You don't need just one sponsor or advertiser to offset the cost. Example: State U Wrestling Weekly brought to you by Johnny's Deli. Join us after each home dual for the State U Wrestling Special. And by Doug's Roofing. State U alum Doug Smith, a proud supporter of State U wrestling. Find them on the web at Doug's Website Name .com. You can even craft your show sponsorship as part of your program sales. If your fans are coming in from out of town to check out an event, I'm sure the local businesses would love to have them, right?

We already do weekly video updates, why should we do a podcast?

Like many of you, I watch a lot of video. I also consume a lot of podcasts. When I'm on a long drive to Fargo (because every drive to Fargo is long), I can't watch an online video, but I can throw in an earbud or sync my phone to my car audio and listen all while keeping focused on the task at hand. If someone tried to watch a video while mowing the yard, who knows what the lawn would look like. I'm not telling you to stop doing videos or being creative with your content creation — I'm telling you a customized podcast is a convenient and portable way for your fans to stay engaged.

I don't have an iPod, so how can I listen to a podcast?

There's a common misconception you need one specific type of device to listen to podcasts. That's false. Do you have a computer? If you're reading this, you most likely do. You can listen to a podcast. Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Guess what, starting with iOS 8, the Apple Podcasts App will be native on your phone. You'll be able to listen and subscribe to a podcast without having to download anything extra. Are you on an Android or Windows Phone? There's “podcatchers” out there like Spreaker and Stitcher. There are also a few different apps you can use that suits your liking.

Are you only about wrestling-specific content?

Typically yes, but I'll also offer our service to organizations outside of the main circle of wrestling, but one that might have wrestling ties. This company is about providing you a platform and a deliverable that suits your specific vision. I'm more than willing to discuss other show options or refer you to one of the other producers I have professional relationships with.

Where's the old Mat Talk On-Line?

Click here for that. From 1997-2005, I ran a site dedicated to Virginia high school wrestling called Mat Talk On-Line. It's my foundation in wrestling and I'm going back to my roots.

Got a question that isn't covered here? Email Jason Bryant at and we'll take care of it for you.


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