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Founded by Martin Floreani, the former CEO of FloSports, Rokfin is a content platform that provides exclusive video, podcasts, articles and rankings and rewards the independent content creator directly through views, subscriptions and retention.

Creators on Rokfin are diverse, but wrestling fans will find some familiar names like Willie Saylor of MatScouts, PA Power Wrestling, Ben Askren, Jordan Burroughs, Allyson Schwab, Cliff Fretwell of Compound, Wyoming Seminary head coach Scott GreenIzzy Martinez of Izzy Style, NCAA champion Adam Tirapelle, HuskerMat, Wrestling Mindset, Wrestling Full CircleMissouriWrestling.com and a host of others that's growing every day.

For $9.99 a month, you get access to dozens of wrestling content creators and crossover content that works into MMA as well.

The Guide, as its called, retails for $19.99 and with over 200 pages of facts, stats and information, it's well worth that price. As a sign-up bonus for endorsing Mat Talk Online's Rokfin channel on your sign up, I'll provide you a free preview guide. It's like getting the guide for 50% off and still getting to view all the content being churned out by wrestling-specific Rokfin channels! Offer ends March 17 and the The Guide will be digitally delivered by 6 p.m. on March 17.

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