I want to explain a little bit about what this network is and its shows are, their format, the medium of podcasting and how you, the listener and wrestling fan, can fully grasp how much versatility there is in the platform.

When I started the Short Time Wrestling Podcast in November of 2013, I got a lot of questions about “what is a podcast” and “I can’t listen because I don’t have an iPod.”

With a large portion of people carrying little computers in their pockets called smartphones, you can listen anywhere.

I’ll dispel a few misconceptions and show you how ANYONE can have access any show on the Mat Talk Podcast Network, which includes On The Mat, produced by in cooperation with the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum, Inside Virginia Tech Wrestling, the World Wrestling Resource Podcast and the ODU Monarch Matcast and a host of others.

First off, any piece of audio or video on the internet is NOT a podcast. The “POD” in podcast is commonly misapplied to be synonymous with iPods. That’s somewhat true, although there is a lot of consumption of podcasts on Apple products like the iPod. The “POD” has also generally been applied to  portable, on-demand.

By now,  you might be familiar with the on-demand concept with DVR, TiVO and subscription services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

What the podcasting technology does is when you subscribe to a show, you will get the show downloaded to whatever program you use to listen automatically through RSS syndication. When we say programs, we mean things like Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes). I’ll explain that a bit deeper in a moment.

Podcasts are becoming a much more widely used platform. ConverseDigital reported consumption of podcasts have grown 163 percent from 2006 to 2012. Now in 2014, those numbers are surely rising.

So now that I’ve kind of told you a little bit about what a podcast is, here’s how you can make the format suitable to your listening habits. While you can listen on in your browser, there are things out there called podcatchers or podcast apps. For those of you with smartphones, these are programs like iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker, iTunes and Tune In Radio. On iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, there’s a standalone app called “Podcasts.”

So when you’re on the Mat Talk website, you’ll see a menu at the top of the page that says “how to listen.” We’re not going to force you to use one specific platform, but I will say I encourage iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker and iHeartRadio more so right now, because those programs give me the ability to see how many times a program gets downloaded or streamed.

MOST podcasting apps are free. There are some paid versions like Pocket Casts and my preferred iOS option, Overcast, but you don’t need to spend money to listen any Mat Talk show. A subscription is free.

So the most basic is on your computer with iTunes, which is both a Mac and PC program. You click on any of the iTunes links on the Mat Talk page (and subsequent network show pages) and the browser will launch the web page with the show page. You can click “View in iTunes” and the iTunes application will launch and you can click the “Subscribe” link. You can also do this by going to

If you want to see all the shows quickly and pick and choose which ones to subscribe, go to

On an iOS device, the clickable iTunes link will launch the Podcasts app (if you have it installed, it’s free in the App Store). On Android devices, the most common program used is called Stitcher Radio. You can quickly access the Stitcher link at If you’re on a computer, the link will take you to the show page and it will give you the option to listen. For mobile consumption, you can download the app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

iHeartRadio is also a popular streaming audio program. For Short Time, go to, you’ll be taken to a page where you can listen directly on the web or use the app, also available for free across multiple devices. You'll see links below every show player here on the Mat Talk site with quick links, then a larger expanse of options to listen in the show notes.

The same can be said for a program called Spreaker by going to There you will see all the shows we have listed on that platform.

These free services do require a no-cost signup so you can manage your account and favorite shows. If you’re already listening to podcasts on those apps, you’re way ahead of the game.

So you can listen literally ANYWHERE. And you have the ability to go back and listen to older shows and interviews with some of the most relevant names talking about the most relevant topics in the sport.

As always, we ask you to leave a review on iTunes so we can be able to bring more attention to wrestling and expose wrestling news to a greater part of the population.

If you have any questions about how to listen to any show on the Mat Talk Podcast Network, feel free to contact me at

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