The National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) has issued a response to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in regards to the October 25 letter in which the ACLU sent on behalf of University of Michigan-Dearborn women's club wrestler Marina Goocher.

On the same day, the ACLU initiated a public relations campaign via social media avenues and through its own press releases. Newspapers around the country picked up the story and ran with it. Few outlets, save The Washington Post, researched the story from both sides. Many took the story and the perceived facts from the ACLU at face value. The ACLU also produced a video with Goocher, which showed footage from the 2016-17 UM-Dearborn club wrestling season.

Through the process, a number of facts pertinent to the level of college wrestling, the level of competition and the structure of the NCWA in relation to the rest of college athletics have been ignored, either intentionally or through lack of proper research.

Two days after the release of the ACLU public relations push, three women's wrestlers appeared on Episode 361 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast. Listen to that episode here.

View the NCWA response here

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