It might be somewhat self-serving and preachy to explain how important the role of podcasting could be to the world of wrestling. After all, I am in a business designed to produce shows and produce content to promote wrestling programs, clubs and organizations. But I stumbled across this story from the Chicago Tribune about podcasting.

If you're still unsure about the format, read this, it'll give you some insight on why I believe this will be a beneficial product to our sport.


By Eric Zorn
Chicago Tribune

I believe in podcasts.

I subscribe to 33 of them, some of which come out daily. And while I don't get to them all, I probably spend three hours a day with my earbuds in while engaged in activities ripe for multitasking, such as commuting, walking the dog, cleaning the kitchen, shopping, exercising and puttering in the basement or the yard.

I believe that this medium — which celebrated its unofficial 10th birthday on the first National Podcast Day on Tuesday — is ideal for our busy, mobile, on-demand lives.

The medium of podcasting is ideal for our busy, mobile, on-demand lives.

– Eric Zorn

I believe that we'll soon look back on 2014 as podcasting's infancy, the days when it still accounted for less than 2 percent of audio consumption, when only 30 percent of Americans reported having ever listened to a podcast, and when newspaper columnists had to spend a paragraph defining podcasts for the roughly half of the population who tell pollsters they're not familiar with them.

Read the full story: Smartphones usher in golden age for podcasting – Chicago Tribune.

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