MTO-400Just returned from the annual NWCA Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Some of the visitors who have to the site might be wondering about some of the “shows” that have been posted. It's all placeholder material right now. I'm still working through some site display options and finding a theme that works well. Right now, we've had some development with branding, imaging and general layout.

So now, I don't have anything lined up with Wossamotta U. or with anything pertaining to Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's just imaging to show how a page, and this network, will look.

I'm pleased about the future of this endeavor and the response received from several coaches down in Florida make me believe this network of shows will be extremely beneficial to the wrestling community and to the sport as a whole.

Once we have some official contracts signed, we'll be releasing information about the pilot shows on the Mat Talk Podcast Network.

We also have various logos that will be modified to match the color scheme of those shows. For the main Mat Talk logo, we're staying American with the red, white and blue. Thanks to CMP Clothing and my man Cliff Fretwell for the design work.

I'd also encourage you to sign up for network updates, so you can get information pertaining to shows coming to the network.

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