One of the stark realities of college sports is only a few actually matter in the Division I landscape. Sadly, we know wrestling, despite its sellout crowds at the NCAA Division I championships, has been an all-too-frequent victim of athletic downsizing. Whether it’s blamed on financial situations, administrators blaming gender equity for their own job failures or, as we’ve seen recently, using a global pandemic as a rationale to slash opportunity, sports get cut.

For Jason Loukides, the cut at UNC Greensboro still stings a decade after school administrators announced the drop three days before Spartan wrestlers were to wrestle at the NCAA Division I Championships.

Loukides spent seven years at UNCG, five as its head coach. He’s currently the Greco-Roman coach for the All-Marine Wrestling Team. He talks about the cut at UNCG as “picking at a scab that never fully heals.”

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