With the 2020-21 academic year coming to a close soon, the Purdue wrestling program remains buzzing with activity. Head coach Tony Ersland gave out team awards for the 2021 season, the nation has been taking a close look at the transfer portal and a handful of Boilermakers head to Iowa this weekend for the 2021 UWW Junior and Senior Freestyle National Championships.

Before the seniors set sail from West Lafayette to start life, the Boilermakers took one last opportunity to enjoy a meal together, and Ersland presented the team with their letter awards as well as the honorees from the 2021 season.

The transfer portal has become a permanent fixture in college athletics, and the squad takes some time to go through the positives and negatives it has to offer sports, specifically wrestling. Like any situation it has multiple points of view and sides to it, but Ersland and Co.

The Boilermakers are set to compete again, taking five individuals to Coralville, Iowa for a chance at making a world team. Purdue will have two entries in the junior division and three in the senior division.

0:00 – 2021 Purdue wrestling team awards
13:40 – the transfer portal, the good and the bad
27:25 – the Boilermakers get to wrestle again
32:20 – the dead period is almost over
34:50 – Mizzou back to the Big 12
36:50 – Purdue Day of Giving

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