For most high schools around the country, mid-to-late January is the time to start thinking about the postseason and gearing up to qualify for your respective state series.

If you’re a young wrestler looking for competitive tactics heading into the postseason…

…Or you’re a high school coach balancing the physical preparation, technique, and mindset of an entire team…

Then this podcast is for you. On Episode 34 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, we outline a number of strategies to dominate positions and win matches. By the end of this episode, coaches and wrestlers alike will leave with an arsenal of mental, physical, and tactical advantages to excel in the postseason.

Here’s what else you’ll find within this episode:

  • The Coach’s Dilemma – evaluating talent to make necessary post-season adjustments (3:29)
  • The ONE thing great coaches do (4:26)
  • How increased competition alters practice planning (and three steps to get it right) (6:30)
  • Peaking and tapering physical prep for postseason (9:00)
  • The LAST thing you want your athletes to do (10:17)
  • Integrating situational work to enhance mental fortitude (14:35)
  • Gain the ability to consistently beat opponents…even if they know what’s coming (17:40)
  • Postseason strength training adjustments for optimal performance (23:35)
  • Building confidence with ONE simple exercise (26:51)
  • Controlling emotions and managing intensity through visualization (32:55)
  • The golden rule of postseason training (36:47)

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