In this episode, Shane Sparks sits down with Stevan Micic, the 2023 Men's Freestyle Wrestling World Champion from Serbia. They dive deep into Stevan's wrestling journey, from his high school days to becoming a world champion.

Topics range from mental preparation and memorable matches to the challenges of winning an NCAA championship and balancing life and wrestling.


Wrestling Career and Memories with Stevan Micic (0:02)

  • Stevan shares his wrestling journey and some unforgettable memories.

High School Wrestling Experiences and Mental Preparation (2:55)

  • How Stevan prepared mentally during his high school wrestling days.

High School Wrestling, College Decision, and Mental Growth (5:29)

  • Stevan talks about the transition from high school to college wrestling and how his mindset evolved.

College Wrestling Matches and Memorable Moments (11:34)

  • A look back at some of Stevan's most memorable college wrestling matches.

Wrestling Match and Its Impact on the Wrestler's Mental State (14:42)

  • The psychological impact of a wrestling match on Stevan and how he manages it.

The Challenges of Winning an NCAA Wrestling Championship (17:54)

  • Stevan discusses the hurdles and challenges he faced on his journey trying to winning an NCAA championship, but ultimatley coming up short.

Wrestling Mindset and Championship Win (22:50)

  • Insights into Stevan's mindset that led him to become a world champion.

Heritage, Sport, and Family with a World Wrestling Champion (25:09)

  • Stevan opens up about his Serbian heritage and the role his family played in his wrestling career.

Balance in Wrestling Training and Life (28:04)

  • How Stevan maintains a healthy balance between his wrestling training and personal life.
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