Join host Shane Sparks as he engages with Alex Dieringer, a Wisconsin native and renowned wrestler with an impressive record as a four-time NCAA Division I All-American and three-time NCAA Champion. They delve into a range of topics covering Dieringer's wrestling journey, from his preparation and mental toughness to his experiences at Oklahoma State and beyond.


Wrestling Preparation and Mental Toughness (0:02)

Wrestling Origins, Confidence, and Self-Doubt (3:51)

High School Wrestling Career and Its Impact on College Success (7:49)

Wrestling Career, Losses, and Development (11:49)

Wrestling Career, Recruiting Process, and College Experience (16:24)

Wrestling Techniques and Mental Preparation with a Former College Wrestler (21:24)

Wrestling Coach's Motivational Talks and Athlete's Comeback from Loss (25:22)

Wrestling Career, Weight Cutting, and Success (29:03)

Wrestling Mindset and Success at Oklahoma State (34:12)

Wrestling Career, Impactful Teammates, and Short Memories (37:17)

Wrestling Career Highlights and Techniques with a National Champion (43:03)

Wrestling Career and Achievements (48:20)

Wrestling Techniques and Strategies with an Olympic Champion (51:48)

Wrestling Techniques and Coaches' Impact on Success (55:42)

Movies, Romance, and Music with Two Friends (1:00:48)

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