Shane Sparks sits down with wrestling legend Mark Ironside, a Cedar Rapids native known for his remarkable career at Iowa and his dynamic role in the KXIC wrestling broadcast team. Ironside was a four-time All-American at Iowa from 1995-1998 and was a two-time NCAA champion, claiming titles in 1997 and 1998 at 134 pounds. Ironside was the 1998 Dan Hodge Trophy winner. Sparks and Ironside delve into Ironside's wrestling techniques, memorable experiences, and the profound impact of coaches like Dan Gable on his career.

Wrestling Techniques and Memories with Mark Ironside (0:02)
Early Wrestling Experiences and Coach's Impact (0:54)
College Wrestling, Iowa Hawkeyes, and Personal Experience (5:09)
Dan Gable's Coaching Style and Impact on Wrestlers (11:57)
Wrestling Match and Impactful Teammates (14:58)
A Wrestling Match with Moments of Frustration and Focus (21:12)
Dealing with Defeat in Wrestling (24:06)
The Importance of Perseverance in Wrestling (30:33)
Passion, Commitment, and Drive in Wrestling (33:18)
A Memorable College Wrestling Match with Gable (40:01)
Wrestling National Titles and Awards (42:37)
The Importance of Top Position in Wrestling (46:47)
Wrestling Training and Mental Preparation (48:54)
Favorite Movies, Sports Teams, Superstitions and Personal Preferences (54:37)

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