In this episode of the Go Earn It Podcast, host Shane Sparks sits down with David Carr, a five-time NCAA Division I All-American and two-time NCAA champion from Iowa State. The conversation delves into the intense rivalry between Carr and fellow wrestler Keegan O'Toole, which has captivated audiences with its fierce competition and strategic maneuvers (0:00). Carr opens up about dealing with disappointment in wrestling and the importance of maintaining a positive mindset despite setbacks, drawing on personal experiences and insights from literature to build mental toughness (5:15). Reflecting on his journey starting wrestling at the age of 5, Carr emphasizes the role of determination and hard work in his progression through the sport (17:48).

Additionally, he shares the profound impact of his father's Olympic wrestling career on his own life and athletic pursuits (24:07). The discussion also touches on the influence of coaching and the factors that led Carr to choose his college (26:31). Throughout the episode, Carr underscores the significance of faith and perseverance in his life and career, highlighting the mental preparation and trust in God before high-stakes wrestling matches (15:16, 45:03).

The conversation concludes with insights into the mindset of a football player during a game, as well as the strategies and emotions involved in wrestling matches (48:11, 51:19). Sparks wraps up the episode by thanking David Carr for sharing his experiences and insights, inviting listeners to tune in next time for more discussions on wrestling, sportsmanship, and personal growth on the Go Earn It Podcast.

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