Shane Sparks jumps into Episode 10 of the Go Earn It Podcast with current Stanford assistant coach Ryan Deakin. A native of Broomfield, Colorado and a two-time high school state champion at Legacy High School, Deakin qualified for the NCAA championships five times at Northwestern. He was a four-time All-American, placing three times and was named first-team All-American in 2020. He won a 2022 NCAA Division I title at 157 pounds for Northwestern. Sparks and Deakin discuss Deakin's journey in wrestling, from his early days to his collegiate triumphs and coaching career, emphasizing the lessons learned and the impact of wrestling on personal growth.

How wrestling coach Ryan Deakin got into the sport and his early experiences. (0:02)
High school wrestling and its impact on athletes. (2:49)
Pursuing excellence in wrestling and life. (6:52)
Academic success and potential. (10:35)
Family, school, and wrestling with a Northwestern alumnus. (15:04)
Wrestling goals and mental toughness. (21:35)
College wrestling success and the importance of discipline. (26:24)
Wrestling recovery and memorable matches. (29:58)
College wrestling, past experiences, and announcing. (34:29)
College wrestling, perseverance, and regret. (37:29)
Wrestling career, setbacks, and perspective. (43:09)
Wrestling losses and lessons learned. (49:00)
Coaching, personal growth, and life preferences. (57:27)
Wrestling, personal lives, and beliefs. (1:03:20)

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