Shane Sparks sits down with Robert Kokesh, a standout wrestler from the University of Nebraska, to discuss his journey from South Dakota to becoming a three-time All-American. Kokesh shares insights into his wrestling career, the influence of his coaches, and the lessons learned along the way.

Wrestling, Sports, and Personal Background (0:02)
Toughness, Resilience, and Wrestling (3:33)
High School Wrestling Experiences and Coaching (6:26)
College Wrestling Recruitment and Early Conversations with Coach Mark Manning (9:45)
College Wrestling, Training, and Competition (12:41)
Wrestling Strategies and Mindset (19:12)
The Difficulty of Winning a Big Ten Wrestling Title (22:07)
College Wrestling Success and Humility (24:55)
High School Wrestling and Personal Growth (27:59)
Wrestling Preparation and Music Choices (37:14)
Wrestling, Perseverance, and Regret (39:58)
Wrestling Career, Leadership, and Mentorship (43:19)
A Wrestling Match with a Dramatic Finish (50:45)
Wrestling Discipline and Lifestyle (53:26)
Impact of Wrestling Coach on Son's Life (55:33)
Wrestling, Parenting, and Personal Heroes (58:59)

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