Shane Sparks sits down with Mark Hall, a distinguished wrestler known for his six individual state championships and tenure as a four-time All-American at Penn State. Now an assistant coach at the University of Pennsylvania, Hall shares insights from his extensive wrestling career, the impact of his coaches, and the mental strategies that have shaped his approach to the sport.

Wrestling Career and Achievements with Mark (0:00)
Wrestling Career, Coach Chase Metcalf's Impact, and Memories (1:03)
Wrestling, Family, and Childhood Memories (5:24)
Wrestling Experiences and Memories (11:06)
Wrestling Training, Partners, and Mental Toughness (15:11)
Wrestling Techniques and Mindset (21:53)
Wrestling Techniques and Strategies with a Former High School State Champion (26:37)
Wrestling Memories and Recruiting Process (33:30)
College Wrestling, Fear, and Confidence (37:00)
Wrestling, Mindset, and Overcoming Setbacks (44:43)
Sports Teams and Postseason Hopes (52:18)

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