Join host Shane Sparks as he engages with Nick Lee, a member of Team USA's men's freestyle wrestling team. Lee, a two-time NCAA Champion and five-time All-American at Penn State, delves into his wrestling journey, the influence of his family and faith, and the experiences that have shaped his career and personal growth.

  • Nick Lee discusses the intertwining of family values, language, and his wrestling career right from the outset (0:00).
  • He reflects on the influence of his family's military service on his collegiate wrestling life as the conversation progresses (2:41).
  • Penn State's profound impact on his development as a wrestler comes into focus as the discussion moves forward (8:09).
  • The decision to commit to Penn State during his high school career is recounted, marking a significant moment in his journey (10:51).
  • Personal growth through wrestling and the importance of teamwork are highlighted as the episode continues (15:50).
  • Nick shares how wrestling losses have shaped his personal evolution, a candid reflection on adversity (22:22).
  • He opens up about the challenges faced in wrestling and the mental resilience required to overcome them (25:43).
  • The role of faith and discipline in his wrestling career is then explored (30:57).
  • The conversation shifts to the tactical aspects of wrestling, specifically the impact of the three-point takedown rule in college wrestling (37:25).
  • Nick's wrestling career, including his national championship wins and rivalries, is discussed as the episode nears its conclusion (41:01).
  • The culture and legacy of wrestling, as well as Nick's contributions to it, are considered towards the end of the podcast (45:31).
  • Finally, Nick's experiences with international competition and its role in his personal and athletic growth are examined (51:16),
  • before concluding with a discussion on how faith intersects with his life beyond the mat, including business and personal development (1:01:18).
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