On Episode 18 of the Go Earn It Podcast, Shane Sparks delves into the wrestling journey of four-time All-American Nick Simmons, exploring his illustrious career as an athlete at Michigan State, his time on the U.S. World Team and a college and club coach. From his early days to becoming a three-time Big Ten champion, Simmons shares his insights on wrestling techniques, mental toughness, and his coaching philosophy.

Wrestling Career and Memories with Nick Simmons (0:00)
College Wrestling Career and Mentality (6:02)
Wrestling Techniques and Favorite Wrestlers (13:07)
Wrestling Strategies and Overcoming Setbacks (17:02)
Mental Toughness in Wrestling After Devastating Losses (22:30)
Wrestling Strategies and Personal Growth (31:54)
Coaching Philosophy, and Advice for Young Wrestlers (38:36)
Double Knee Pads (42:58)

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