Shane Sparks hosts Patrick Glory, the 2023 NCAA Champion from Princeton University, in a conversation that covers Glory's wrestling journey, his approach to mental toughness, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his career.


  • Wrestling Background and Identity (0:02)
  • Wrestling Career and Mental Toughness (3:16)
  • Mental Preparation and State Championship Wins in Wrestling (6:39)
  • College Wrestling Experience and Memories (12:42)
  • Wrestling Success, Academic Priorities, and Top Game Mentality (16:00)
  • College Wrestling, COVID-19 Pandemic, and Coping with Unexpected Setbacks (22:05)
  • College Wrestling and Music Choices (25:44)
  • Wrestling Strategies and Memories (28:56)
  • Wrestling Mental Preparation and Spencer Lee's Dominance (34:34)
  • Wrestling, Career, and Personal Growth (37:51)
  • College Wrestling Culture and Coaching Impact (43:45)
  • Weight Cutting, Eating Habits, and Wrestling Strategies (46:04)
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