Shane Sparks welcomes Dom Bradley, a two-time All-American from the University of Missouri and recent winner of the U.S. Senior Nationals. At 34, Bradley has qualified for his fourth Olympic Team Trials. The episode delves into his extensive wrestling career, techniques, personal growth, and the unique challenges of competing at an elite level in his mid-thirties.


Wrestling Techniques and Injuries with a Former NCAA Champion (0:00)

Wrestling Love, Training, and Competing at 34 Years Old (2:37)

Wrestling Experiences and Personal Growth (6:40)

High School Wrestling and Personal Growth (10:10)

Wrestling Career, High School Memories, and Tournament Experiences (16:55)

Wrestling Experiences and Mindset (19:37)

Wrestling Career and Rivalries (21:47)

Wrestling Rivalry and Perseverance (28:34)

Wrestling Career, Missed Opportunities, and Team Dynamics (32:22)

Wrestling, Losing in Semis, and Taking Third Place (36:06)

Wrestling Frequency and Training (39:13)

Wrestling Experiences and Toughest Opponents (44:51)

Wrestling Opponents and Techniques (47:36)

Wrestling Coaching, Techniques, and Personal Stories (50:07)

Coaching, Life Lessons, and Personal Growth (55:44)

Wrestling Coaching, Training, and Mentorship (58:35)

Parenting, Coaching, and Team Motivation (1:02:07)

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