In this insightful episode, Shane Sparks sits down with Chris Perry, a decorated wrestler and current assistant coach at Oklahoma State. Perry, a four-time Big 12 champion and two-time NCAA champion, delves into his wrestling journey, discussing everything from his father's influence and high school challenges to the pressures of college wrestling and the importance of mental toughness.

Wrestling with Chris Perry, 4-Time Big 12 Champion (0:03):
Chris Perry shares his experiences as a four-time Big 12 champion and his transition to coaching at Oklahoma State.

Father's Influence on Son's Sports Career (1:30):
At 1:30, Perry discusses the significant impact his father had on his sports career.

High School Wrestling and Mental Toughness (4:21):
Perry reflects on his high school wrestling days and the development of mental toughness.

High School Wrestling, College Preparation, and Family Influence (7:13):
The conversation shifts to how high school wrestling prepared him for college and the role his family played at 7:13.

Pressure and Expectations in College Wrestling (10:45):
Perry talks about handling pressure and expectations in the college wrestling scene at 10:45.

College Wrestling, Confidence, and Overcoming Setbacks (15:24):
At 15:24, he shares insights into building confidence and overcoming setbacks in college wrestling.

Wrestling, Family, and Teamwork (18:49):
The importance of family and teamwork in wrestling is discussed at 18:49.

Wrestling Career, Setbacks, and Perseverance (22:04):
Perry opens up about his wrestling career, facing setbacks, and the perseverance required at 22:04.

Wrestling Pressure and Mental Toughness (28:03):
He delves into the relationship between wrestling pressure and mental toughness at 28:03.

Embracing Pressure and Belief in Oneself in Wrestling (31:27):
At 31:27, Perry talks about embracing pressure and the power of self-belief in wrestling.

Wrestling, Personal Growth, and Motivation (34:00):
The conversation turns to personal growth and motivation in wrestling at 34:00.

Beating a Tough Opponent in College Wrestling (40:46):
Perry recounts his experience of beating a tough opponent in college wrestling at 40:46.

Adapting to Opponents and Strategic Coaching (43:46):
At 43:46, he discusses adapting to different opponents and the nuances of strategic coaching.

The Difficulty and Hard Work Required in Wrestling (46:34):
The episode concludes with Perry emphasizing the difficulty and hard work inherent in wrestling at 46:34.

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