In this episode of The GO EARN IT Podcast, host Shane Sparks sits down with multiple-time NCAA wrestling All-American, Alex Marinelli from the University of Iowa. Marinelli shares insights and stories from his remarkable wrestling career, reflecting on intense rivalries, personal growth, and the lessons learned both on and off the mat.

Episode Timestamps:
0:03 – The Intensity of the Iowa-Iowa State Wrestling Rivalry
2:12 – Wrestling Memories and Experiences
6:42 – High School Wrestling and Online Education
11:49 – High School Wrestling, Coach Jeff Jordan, and Memorable Matches
17:29 – Winning, Hard Work, and Quotes from Tom and Terry
20:22 – Wrestling, Life Lessons, and Personal Growth
24:54 – Wrestling Commitments and Personal Decisions
30:33 – College Wrestling Career and Rivalries
33:21 – Wrestling Matches and Techniques with a Former Opponent
37:48 – Dealing with Loss and Perseverance in Wrestling
42:09 – Wrestling Consistency and Discipline
43:37 – Wrestling Training, Mental Preparation, and Identity
49:38 – Wrestling Losses and Moving Forward
52:39 – Wrestling Injuries and Faith
58:29 – Faith, Sport, and Marriage
1:01:29 – Quotes, Motivation, and Personal Growth
1:06:11 – Wrestling Career, Faith, and Coaching Goals

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