Shane Sparks sits down with wrestling legend Tommy Rowlands, discussing his illustrious career from high school dominance to international competition. They delve into Rowlands' rivalry with Steve Mocco, his Olympic journey, and the lessons he's learned along the way.

Wrestling Career with Two-Time State Champion Tommy Rowlands (0:02)
Wrestling Career, High School State Titles, and College Recruitment (0:54)
Wrestling Career, Beliefs, and Mentors (4:48)
Overcoming Setbacks and Nerves in Wrestling Career (11:41)
A Fierce Wrestling Rivalry and Its Impact (18:35)
Olympic Wrestling Journey and Lessons Learned (24:28)
Wrestling, Coaching, and Personal Growth (29:19)
Wrestling Techniques, Coaching Decisions, and Personal Growth (31:39)
Wrestling Strategies and Passion for the Sport (36:59)
Wrestling, Favorite Things, and Personal Stories (41:26)
Life-Changing Moments and Personal Heroes (46:17)

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