The upcoming episode of MatStats, airing on November 15th, 2023, promises a deep dive into the state of high school wrestling. The episode, titled “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School (Part 1),” features special guest Dr. Jackie Paquette from the NWCA, who will discuss recent trends in high school wrestling participation. The episode will explore the growth in the number of high school wrestlers, with particular attention to the increases in both boys and girls participation.

Key insights from the episode include an examination of the relationship between high school wrestling numbers and various factors, such as state population and the number of NCAA & NAIA wrestling teams. The episode will also address the distinction between boys wrestling as a mature industry and girls wrestling as a growth industry, reflecting the historical and emerging trends in the sport.

Listeners can expect detailed statistical analysis and correlations, exploring how these trends have evolved over the years and what they might indicate for the future of wrestling at the high school level. The episode sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of high school wrestling's current state, its growth, and its impact on the broader wrestling community.

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About Mat Stats

Welcome to the NWCA’s latest venture to help our favorite sport. Glenn Gormley, Jason Bryant and Kevin Hazard outline their effort to bring statistical analysis to wrestling. Mat Stats is the NWCA’s attempt to bring wrestling up to speed with so many other sports by incorporating stats. It is the same sport, the wrestlers are just older and better.

Mat Stats by the NWCA is a monthly podcast by the National Wrestling Coaches Association

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