The MatStats gang, Glenn Gormley, Jason Bryant, and Kevin Hazard, does a deep penetration step into the scoring, pins, & OT of 3366 wrestlers & 6060 bouts at NCAA D1 Men’s Championship bouts.

MatStats compiles a comprehensive statistical study on scoring categories of the Men’s NCAA D1 Championship Tournaments. The study includes two 5-year periods (1988-1992 & 2017-2022). MatStats analyzes yearly changes, weight class differences, and scoring changes as the rounds progress through the tournament. A great way to learn about changes in the sport in the last 30 years.

Get the PDF of the slideshow: MatStats Ep. 11 Slideshow

About Mat Stats & State of Wrestling

Welcome to the NWCA’s latest venture to help our favorite sport. Glenn Gormley, Jason Bryant and Kevin Hazard outline their effort to bring statistical analysis to wrestling. Mat Stats is the NWCA’s attempt to bring wrestling up to speed with so many other sports by incorporating stats.  It is the same sport, the wrestlers are just older and better.

State of Wrestling by the NWCA is a monthly podcast by the National Wrestling Coaches Association
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