PAPC25:  First-year Pitt Head Coach – and Panther alum – Keith Gavin joins the program to discuss life as a head coach, his coaching mentors, turning the Pitt program around, and his relationship with the late Rande Stottlemyer.

The dynamic duo of @WarnTriz and @Beck_Diggity take listeners on more than an hour's worth of a wrestling adventure. They discuss a variety of topics in episode 25 including the Penn State vs Ohio State match, a quietly impressive season by Mikey Carr, and why Anthony Cassar and Shakur Rasheed need to play more games of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Photo Credit: Pitt Athletics).

Show Breakdown

01:00 – The Eagles Won a Thing!?

03:00 – Outstanding Wrestlers of the Weekend

05:30 – Headgear Pulls & Challenge Bricks

14:00 – Freshman AA's & Listener Questions

23:00 – PSU/tOSU: Best. Dual. Ever.

37:00 – Weekend Recap

43:30 – PSU/Iowa & Lehigh/ASU

49:00 – Weekend Preview

52:30 – Ohio State's Robes & Questionable Rankings Tactics

56:30 – Pitt Head Coach Keith Gavin Joins the Show

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