PAPC27:  Four-time All-American, NCAA champ, 2016 Olympian, and current Virginia Tech assistant coach Frank Molinaro joins the program to discuss the transition from Sunderland to Sanderson at Penn State, why he moved to Blacksburg last summer, and his thoughts on the PA guys in VT's lineup and where they stand heading into the postseason.

The dynamic duo of @WarnTriz and @Beck_Diggity take listeners on more than an hour's worth of a wrestling adventure. They discuss a variety of topics in episode 27 including the best story lines of the regular season, Shakur Rasheed getting the nod at 197 for Penn State, and Pitt's late season surge (Photo credit: Virginia Tech Athletics).

Show Breakdown

01:30 – Outstanding Wrestlers of the Weekend

10:00 – Forfeits and Quick Pins – Challenge Bricks of the Week

14:30 –  Weekend Results

32:00 – Rasheed Winning the Spot and What Wrestle-Off's Mean

41:00 – Free the Lee's, the DeSanto Effect, and PSU/tOSU – Best Story Lines of 2017-18

47:00 – NCAA Brackets We are Most Excited About

50:30 – Hypothetical Changes to Qualification System

62:00 – Frank Molinaro Joins the Program

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