Out in Barnesville, Minnesota, there's a large group of youth wrestlers. Coach Dan Cox is looking to try to solve the problem in getting kids quality mat time, while creating an enjoyable experience to keep the wrestlers in the system and prepare them for the high school program.

On Episode 592 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Cox talks bout how he developed the Northwoods Wrestling League and how it solves an issue with children who want to compete with their friends to get them on the mat and keep them on the mat. Rules involve modified dual meet scoring, allowed moves and disallowed moves that encourage learning.

Competing for quality mat time is the key, as this is geared for the recreational wrestler, not the family who wants to jump right in and chase Tulsa titles. Check out the breakdown of how the NWL works in written form at TheGuillone.com forum.

7in7 NCAA Kickoff Party
We'd like to let our listeners know about an NCAA Kickoff Party called “7 in 7” that will be co-hosted by Trackwrestling and JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps on Wednesday, March 18 at The Barn at Cowboy Jack's in Downtown Minneapolis. Emceed by Big Ten Network commentator Shane Sparks, the event will feature 7-minute interviews with 7 high-profile guests from the wrestling community. Dan Gable is the first booked guest, and more will be announced soon. Tickets are $15, and proceeds from the event will be donated to TakeDown Cancer. A limited number of tickets are available, so visit 7in7party.com soon to reserve your spot.

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 592 – January 22, 2020

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