It’s wrestling media day for Appalachian State wrestling, so we jumped on in and ended up creating a full episode of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast for it. Outside of the Hand Raised blog’s Ted Carreras, it was pretty much just me, coach JohnMark Bentley and four App State wrestlers ready for another run at the season. 

Before we get to the show, I touched on the news that TheMat Forums would be shutting down on October 31. I had a love-hate relationship with them. I’ll go into that, some news about what I’m now opening up for free via the Mat Talk Almanac and how you can contribute. 

Check out the GearUP campaign I’ve joined on with in conjunction with Beat The Streets National. Check out how you can help outfit kids by going to Every $50 donated outfits a needy wrestler with $200 worth of gear. Let’s make sure we don’t lose the next Burroughs, Taylor, Maroulis, Gray or Gardner because they can’t afford to get on the mat. 

The World Cup is coming to Iowa City! Check out all the details for the Men’s and Women’s competition December 10-11, 2022 at

Show Segments

0:01 – Opening Salvo

14:40 – Media Day starts with App State coach JohnMarkBentley 

32:20 – Will Formato

42:44 – Jonathan Millner

49:13 – Cody Bond

56:42 – Caleb Smith

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 716 – October 13, 2022

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