The new Executive Director of Beat the Streets Bay Area, John Lange, comes on Short Time to talk about his new role with the organization and his return to wrestling. An All-American at Penn State in 1998, Lange has the unique distinction of being the first wrestler in the full wrestleback era to have lost in the first round and come back to take third at the NCAA Division I championships. He spent time as an assistant coach at Hofstra and Eastern Michigan before assuming the role of interim head coach at EMU in 2005-06. 

A move to California almost 20 years ago gave Lange a new home and time away from the sport. When he wanted to get back involved in the Bay Area, he quickly found himself as the guy tabbed to lead. Lange breaks down the wrestling culture in the Bay Area and what Beat The Streets Bay Area is doing to help foster the sport in Oakland and the surrounding communities. 

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 746 – February 26, 2024

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