Bob Bowlsby's career in athletic administration started after his career on the wrestling mats ended. Bowlsby wrestled at Minnesota State-Moorhead back in his college days and since, he's gone through positions as an Athletics Director at Northern Iowa, Iowa and Stanford. Now the current commissioner of the Big 12 Conference, Bowlsby's been a prominent figure in the discussion regarding athlete payments and the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit. Bowlsby was the Keynote Speaker at the NWCA Convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he shares some of his thoughts on the state of the NCAA and how it impacts college wrestling.

Another notable session on Friday was the presentation of a research study conducted by Dr. Amanda Stanec and Dr. Jen Bhalla on the New World of Wrestling. Both are native Canadians who played collegiate soccer in the U.S., and Stanec is the wife of past Cornell All-American Jim Stanec. Their initiative is getting kids active.

Find more information about the work done by Stanec and Bhalla at the links below.

It's all coming up now on episode 87 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast.

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