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Beat The Streets New York’s Brendan Buckley was a Division I All-American and former Division I head wrestling coach. Wrestling’s been part of most of his life. The last several years, the Executive Director of BTSNY, has been working on developing programing and leading the charge of some of its major events, including the annual BTS Benefit, which some still call a gala, despite Buckley downplaying the “gala” aspect of it. 

On June 10, Beat The Streets will again partner with USA Wrestling with the annual BTS Benefit following Final X at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. at Redd’s Biergarten. We check in with Brendan to see what goes into setting up this year’s event and how it differs from other events that have partnered with USA Wrestling, including one leg of last year’s Final X.

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 731 – May 25, 2023

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