Heath Eslinger returned to his alma mater a few years back as the head coach at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, or simply Chattanooga. Before coming back to Chattanooga, he spent time as a high school wrestling coach, which has given him a unique perspective on a few different topics in wrestling.

On Episode 89 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, Eslinger talks about what he's looking forward to this season with Chattanooga wrestling, standing by a decision he made a few years back to suspend several student-athletes and the NWCA Convention.

Among things discussed regarding the NWCA Convention were the sessions he and his wife led about being a coach's wife and then we started the discussion about dual meets versus tournaments.

After a few months of chasing, Eslinger finally got a chance to debate host Jason Bryant on why we should be embracing multi-class high school state tournaments, which led to some engaging back-and-forth.

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