During Hall of Fame Honors Weekend in Stillwater, Oklahoma, we got a chance to get outside of central Stillwater for a bit and meet up with Dr. Brandon Mason. A four-time NCAA Division I qualifier and 2007 All-American at 174 pounds for Oklahoma State, Mason is now a radiologist at Stillwater Medical Center. 

Mason was also recently on a tour as the team doctor with USA Wrestling at the All-World qualifier in Istanbul. In this episode of Short Time, we break down Mason’s entry into wrestling coming from western Iowa and the famed Lewis Central High School program, his early desire to be a radiologist and how he ended back up in Stillwater. 

He’ll also touch on his career as a Cowboy, his relationship with recent inductee Coleman Scott and current Little Rock head coach Neil Erisman and what his experience as a wrestler has brought not just to his tours with Team USA, but his time back matside in Gallagher-Iba Arena as part of the wrestling program’s medical personnel. 

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 753 – Recorded June 1, 2024

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