Sometimes we get an opportunity to put new gear to use and try to come up with new features to bring another perspective to coverage and content. Episode 698 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast is just that. With some new wireless devices used to record audio, I hit record on Augsburg co-head coach Tony Valek during the annual Battle of the Burgs dual on January 27 in Minneapolis. What this episode highlights is Valek’s coaching style just as the meet begins, during the competition and how he gets athletes ready during the moments before competing, during injury time and some interactions with the staff as they go through a heated dual meet. Set to background music, this can be consumed as a passive listening experience or listened closely to see how certain coaches are in mat side situations. 

Will there be more of these? That’s dependent on the feedback. We have two so far – both coming from Battle of the Burgs. Eric Keller, Wartburg head coach, will be released soon. 

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 698 – February 11, 2022

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