itunes-insert-adOn April 29, the Netflix original documentary Team Foxcatcher became available. On Episode 257 of the Short Time WrestlingPodcast, we'll visit with Nancy Schultz about the release of the film.

NOTE: If you have not seen the documentary yet, this does contain spoilers. You may want to watch first, then listen back to this episode after.

Initially discussed in 2007, Schultz and director Jon Greenhalgh, himself a former wrestler, set out to create a documentary film onthe life of Dave Schultz, who was killed in 1996 by a deranged John du Pont. Prior to the release of Team Foxcatcher, a feature film and a documentary had also been released covering different aspects of du Pont, the Schultz brothers and wrestling wing of the actualTeam Foxcatcher.

Nancy talks about her time with the project, how much time she had to balance between Bennett Miller's feature film and her own documentary.

We'll also get some behind-the-scenes thoughts about some of the shots, interviews and imagery from the Team Foxcatcher Netflix original documentary.

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