Penn State wrestling held its annual media day prior to this weekend's home opener with the U.S. Naval Academy. This edition of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast is the audio from coach Cael Sanderson's press conference, where he fielded questions from the media about the upcoming season, as well as some personnel moves involving the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club. Audio courtesy Penn State Athletics.

Questions & Answers
0:15 – Show Introduction
1:05 – Thoughts on the offseason training program?
2:08 – Bringing Kyle Conel into the fold
2:55 – What do you gain bringing Kyle Conel in?
3:38 – How difficult is it to replace Nolf and Nickal?
4:30 – How is Brady Berge's status?
5:05 – If Berge was healthy, could he still wrestle?
5:24 – How has Nick Lee improved and what does he have to do to get over that hump?
6:08 – Who has stepped up as leaders?
7:35 – Reaction and learning from losses by Mark Hall and Vincenzo Joseph
8:50 – Looking at the lineup heading into Navy
10:02 – Who stands out at 125 and 149?
11:00 – Limited schedules for potential Olympic Trials qualifiers?
11:35 – What's the benefit of wrestling the full NCAA season vs. an Olympic redshirt?
13:44 – Do you anticipate redshirting the entire freshman class?
14:58 – How big is it that Rasheed and Cassar are back?
16:15 – How will coaches approach Cassar differently this year?
17:20 – How much does Cassar squat?
17:48 – How difficult is it to get that local guy in the lineup?
18:55 – What's Joseph's response to the loss in training this offseason?
19:50 – Looking forward to compete with Navy. Is it a home and home?
20:40 – Looking at other guys around the country taking Olympic redshirts
21:25 – How does the Olympic Trials at Penn State help grow the sport?
23:30 – How valuable is Kyle Snyder with the NLWC to the team?
24:55 – Did the qualifying tournaments impact the Penn State tournament schedule this year?
25:43 – Position on the NCAA's move towards payment for athlete's name, image and likeness.
26:50 – Opinions on wrestling the NCAA's at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.
27:45 – Is Rutgers looking at putting a Penn State dual in Madison Square Garden?
28:45 – What do you expect from Mark Hall this year?

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