Hate him or, well, hate him, Chael Sonnen is never at a loss for words. Even in the wake of his failed drug test and his subsequent retirement from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Sonnen continues to embrace his role as the ultimate heel in the world of mixed martial arts.

You might even find a list — or 10 — that rank Sonnen as one of the most hated figures in MMA history.

The 1998 Division I All-American from the University of Oregon will talk about anything and everything and he does that with us on Episode 96 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast.

What you will find out about Sonnen is his complete admiration for the current crop of wrestlers. He discusses staying up late to watch the World Championships online and he still closely follows the world of wrestling. He admits he's made mistakes and speaks openly on several topics.

He's one of the most polarizing people in all of sports. Some question why people give him the time to promote himself. In this interview, Sonnen shows you why. He talks about MMA, amateur wrestling and even that stuff they call sports entertainment.

We went pretty much unscripted with Sonnen, because you never know what this guy is going to say. We also answer some of your questions.

  • Randy Hanson, an Alaska native wrestling at the University of Minnesota asks Who is the hardest working fighter you've ever trained with?
  • You kind of touched on this some on your appearance on Talk is Jericho, but Bryce Villa is Davenport Iowa is completely sincere when he asks if you do, in fact, know how to say your own first name?
  • David Marquez from Walla Walla, Washington: Ok Chael so I met you at Monday night raw in Portland and the next day I posted a picture of us on twitter and you started following me. So out of the millions that follow you I was the only person you followed. Well that only lasted a few minutes but anyways what was up with that??
  • Billy Smith in Seattle asks: How are you involved in bringing back The university of Oregon wrestling team or helping to start college programs in Oregon?
  • Zack Panos in Hindsale, Illinois asks: What do you think about former Fox Sports 1 colleague Andy Roddick. He says you and Roddick are two of his favorite athletes out there.
  • Dylan Ryan down in Durham, N.C., another college wrestler, he's down at Duke with Coach Glen Lanham. He asks Who are your favorite guys currently to watch cut promos, whether it be in professional wrestling or MMA?
  • Cody Arnold, a regular contributor when we have Q&A's down in Tracy Minnesota asks a somewhat loaded question. Which former Oregon athlete was a better interview – yourself or Steve Prefontaine?
  • Jimmy Jones in Mira Loma California asks is the American Gangster ever going to settle the score with the Axe Murderer? Is Bellator in the future or a return to the UFC?

Rapid Fire

  • Road Warriors or Demolition?
  • Iron Sheik or General Adnan?
  • Paul E. Dangerously or Paul Heyman?
  • John Smith or Cael Sanderson?
  • Alexander Karelin of Russia or Mijan Lopez of Cuba?
  • Dana White or Front Row Brian?
  • Better Beaver: Babak Mohammadi or Les Gutches?
  • Better Duck: Phil Knight or Pat Kilkenney?
  • Better guy to work for: Vince McMahon or Dana White?
  • Who would you rather have call your fights or matches – Joe Rogan or Jim Ross?
  • Favorite Pro Wrestling Heel of All Time?
  • Favorite College Wrestling Heel, excluding yourself, of all time?

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