Rob Hill and Jay Zeimet are the hosts of the QCA Wrestle Podcast. Rob and Jay both grew up in Iowa and wrestled through high school.  Now, both have kids heavily involved in the sport. While they are both veterans in talking about wrestling, this is the first podcast either has been involved in. The QCA Wrestle Podcast predominantly consists of interviews of figures in the wrestling community, where we get to know our guests, dissect their careers, and provide our audience with actionable advice on how to succeed, in wrestling and in life. 

Opening topics touch on the anniversary or birthday of sorts for Short Time, how and why you should subscribe to Mat Talk Online’s DAILY WRESTLING NEWS, a new home to Chris Basford’s Division II wrestling rankings and of course, #WillieTrials

2000 Olympic champion Rulon Gardner finished third at the 1990 NJCAA Championships at 275 pounds for what was then known as Ricks College. The school, which is now known as BYU-Idaho, dropped all sports in 2002. Gardner would win the title in 1991.

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