A three-time NCAA Division I All-American and two-time champion, Iowa alum Brent Metcalf was one of the most dominant forces in recent memory on the college mats. After winning the 2014 U.S. World Team Trials in Madison, Wisconsin at the beginning of June, he earned a spot on his third U.S. World Team.

Metcalf defeated Jordan Oliver in two straight matches to earn the spot on the men's freestyle team at 65kg.

He answers our questions and your questions in Episode 67 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, presented by FlipsWrestling.com

Some of the questions Brent Metcalf answers in this edition of Short Time:

  • Coming through high school, you were on some monster teams at Davison. So monster, there were three eventual NCAA Division I Champions on it with Paul Donahoe, Jon Reader and yourself. What was it like coming through such a terrific program and how much of an influence did Roy Hall have in your development?
  • Your older brother Chase was killed in a car accident back in 2005. It's been almost nine years, how much do you think about him and what are you doing to make sure his memory lives on?
  • How do you feel about the state of American wrestling right now? We've got a new national team coach and a great system of regional training centers. What do you think could be improved?
  • Growing up, you weren't just a freestyler, you wrestled both freestyle and Greco-Roman. If there was a scenario where you didn't make a World Team, would you consider giving Greco a shot?

Listener Questions

  • AUDIO QUESTION from Jeff Zannetti in Edison, N.J.
  • Dylan Ryan in Durham, N.C.: “Who are your favorite college wrestlers to watch”
  • Oscar Brisceno in San Bernadino, CA: With your collegiate success and now freestyle success, do you believe our country should focus more on freestyle at the high school and college level to assure us better results at the Olympic level? Thanks
  • Paul Daft in Birmingham, AL: How much better did your wild turkey taste than a store bought one? Do you still plan on competing internationally after the 2016 Olympics? If not, do you plan on coaching?

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