After spending nearly 20 years as a Division I assistant and balancing a competitive career on top of it, Sammie Henson finally became a head wrestling coach.

West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck named Henson the new head coach at West Virginia on May 19. Henson brings an impressive resume to Morgantown and as he says, the time was right.

Henson talks about what he needs to work on with West Virginia and what it's going to be like to work with Luck.

Henson also talks about other coaching positions around the country, including his former Olympic teammate Cary Kolat taking the job at Campbell.

He also talks about his NCAA final win over Eric Akin, which still gets talked about 20 years later and how much Henson would like to see his alma mater, Clemson, bring back its wrestling program.

It's all in Episode 60 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast.

The Short Time Wrestling Podcast is presented by FlipsWrestling.

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