By Jason Bryant
Editor, Amateur Wrestling News

For the last eight college wrestling seasons, results have become part of my nightly routine. Back in the days working for the NWCA prior to the Optimal Performance Calculator and its results component, I'd be up into the wee hours of the morning entering individual match results from around the country. I'd often joke with friends about entering some random dual between two schools many wrestling fans likely haven't heard of.

With the need for individual data entry gone, I decided to launch a nightly college scoreboard, linking up all the results I could find (even those not reported in a timely fashion to the NWCA). I started this at Wrestling 411, and then after that project ceased to exist, I brought it to Now starting my second college wrestling season as an editor here at AWN, I decided there had to be some way to give everyone a quick notebook of what happened during the weekend's events. Rather than trying to pilfer through dozens of press releases and re-writing what might already be out there on the boards, why not actually discuss what went on for those to “press play.”

So as time permits, I'll be producing a frequent podcast series with just a few minutes of information you can listen to in the morning or during your day to fill you in on some of the more relevant happenings from that night or the night before.

They're short, hence the name “short time.”

Between our original content columns and blogs, Duals of the Week and AWN Previews, you'll be up-to-speed on the world of college wrestling more than ever.

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