Welcome to Short Time Shots, the audible version of Jason Bryant’s College Wrestling Wrap Sheet, I am he, Hall of Fame Wrestling Writer, Broadcaster and Announcer Jason Bryant and this is a look at five things from the day in college wrestling. 

And before we begin, congrats to Shane Sparks, who saw his Atlanta Braves with the World Series on Tuesday night, beating the cheating Houston Astros, who are cheaters. They cheated. That’s the bar for Houston. Now, Night of the Lepus on TBS.

I used to mention what beverage I might be having on the old show, I might do it again, but I might do it now, it’s a Dark Fatha 2021 from Bent Brewstillery in Roseville, Minnesota. Just got released on Saturday. And yes, I’m still going to try to do these in one take. 

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