Coming out of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, Justin Tritz has a fond appreciation for wrestling. After his high school career ended, Tritz headed to college with the hopes of becoming a college professor and focusing on his love of math.

Taking a computer science minor changed things as he then sought to solve a problem with seeding at wrestling tournaments. Then came Trackwrestling.

Now Trackwrestling is running tournaments in nearly every state and has some of the nation's biggest and best tournaments on its calendar.

Tritz recently launched Trackcast, a new video platform built within Trackwrestling. We'll talk with Justin Tritz about the foundations of Trackwrestling and the new product on Episode 126 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast.

Short Time will also present a new listener feedback featured called Sound Off. Listeners can go to and leave an audio message of a topic that concerns them in wrestling, a shout out to a great performance or leave general feedback for the wrestling community. If your Sound Off file hits the right note, it could be featured in an upcoming episode of Short Time. Be sure to leave your name and location in your recording. Sorry folks, no anonymous or nameless submissions will be accepted.

And if you haven't already, head to to leave a rating and a review on iTunes.

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