On Episode 133 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, we're in Hampton, Virginia, site of the 35th annual Virginia Duals.

The Virginia Duals was an innovation in college wrestling with the dual meet advancement concept. For the past 35 years, the Virginia Duals has put some of the best college and high school wrestling teams on the mats of the Hampton Coliseum.

What started with eight colleges and four high schools in 1981 has now become a premier destination for wrestling teams across the country. 20 colleges and 48 high schools will take to the mats in five different divisions.

Today we talk with Jim Keen, co-founder of Cliff Keen Athletic, who has long sponsored the event, Casey Graham, an Indiana alum who wrestled in the event in college and in high school and College Director Dr. Mike McCormick.

It's a look at to what the Virginia Duals is all about. Check out the event on

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