On Episode 153 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, we check in with Ben Askren about the Flo Premier League V event with two bouts and the big winner from the Missouri Border Brawl from Union Station in St. Louis on Tuesday night.

Jaydin Clayton beat Kaid Brock in the featured high school match of the night. Clayton talked with Richard Immel of USA Wrestling following the match.

Four-time All-American Tyler Caldwell pinned past Edinboro All-American Chris Honeycutt in the first match of FPL V, then Ed Ruth rallied to pin Jake Herbert in the night's final bout. We caught up with Ruth and Caldwell and FPL commissioner Ben Askren about the development of the league and having an event on Tuesday prior to the NCAA Championships.

Information on donating to the Border Brawl and upcoming events can be found at http://www.moborderbrawl.com/donate-now/.
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