It's been 18 years since the tragic murder of wrestling hero Dave Schultz. On Episode 97 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, we talk with Dave's widow Nancy on life since and her take on the upcoming Foxcatcher film. She's also working on her own documentary about Dave.

Some of the topics discussed on Episode 97 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast with Nancy Schultz are:

How did you discover wrestling and what made you fall in love with the sport?

People in wrestling know the story and they're going to hear about it a lot more with the November release of Foxcatcher. In your words, how do you explain to people who might not be old enough to remember the happenings of that January day?

Before we get into the nuances of the Foxcatcher movie, you've been working on a documentary for a number of years about Dave. What's the status of that project?

What story are you trying to tell?

I'm a relatively new parent, my daughter just turned two. I personally can't fathom being a parent by myself. How difficult was it for you to raise Xander (28) and Danny (25) during the years after the tragedy?

From a historical standpoint, I was just getting into wrestling when this all happened. There's a generation of wrestling people who haven't been told about who Dave was. How important is it for the wrestling community to remember the legacy of not just Dave, but what the Schultz brothers meant and mean to wrestling?

The Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller has hit some major home runs with his films Moneyball and Capote. Mostly from mark's point of view, but How were you approached?

How were the conversations you had with him when this project was first pitched and throughout the process?

Is there a bit of baited breath waiting for the theatrical release?

How much interaction have you had with Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dave in the movie?

Do the trailers give you chills? From what you've seen so far, does Steve Carell capture the essence of John duPont?

It's been 18 years, how hard is it to be constantly reminded about the man who took Dave from us or do you have a different way of projecting it?

The Dave Schultz Wrestling Club was one thing that preserved the legacy, the club is no longer active, but what are some of your favorite memories about the club?

Who are some of the personalities you remember the most. I understand you have some Ray Brinzer stories … but then again, who doesn't?

Foxcatcher is essentially going to be from Mark's point of view. He's sometimes taken a combative stance some of the factions in wrestling. How often do you speak to Mark and do you talk to him about those sorts of topics?

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