Today, Short Time is a personal interview with someone you’ve never previously heard from, unless you happened to listen to a Hampton-based sports talk show called Contact Sports 20-something years ago. 

Few people had an impact on my life in sports more than Terry Daniels. Terry isn’t family, but he pretty much has been a part of it for the last 20 years. When I was in high school, Terry asked one day if I wanted to go to the wrestling match on a Wednesday in January of 1995. Some of you have heard me tell this story. Today on Short Time, you get to hear it from the man himself. 

A longtime resident of Poquoson, Virginia, Terry’s been a sports junkie for most of his life. His enjoyment of high school sports and local sports rubbed off an another sports junkie who loved high school sports and local sports in 1995, me. With a long career so far in wrestling and a new segment starting in hockey, Terry has the unique distinction of being the individual who introduced me to both of them. The first dual against Deep Creek to the Virginia Duals two days later and then mountains of Hampton Roads Admirals (now Norfolk Admirals) hockey games. 

Terry and my mom came to visit Minnesota in the winter time. Here’s that story and a conversation about hockey, wrestling, our friends from Poquoson and the people we have in common that led me down this road. 

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 728 – January 17, 2023

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