With five screws, one plate, two World titles and an Olympic Gold, if Jordan Burroughs keeps this up, he's going to have his own lyrics to the 12 Days of Wrestling Christmas. The best pound-for-pound freestyle wrestler in the world is off to Italy for acclimation and then off to Uzbekistan for the 2014 World Championships. But before he left, he talked with us about training, preparation and of course, fatherhood.

Among the questions Jordan Burroughs answers on Episode 95 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast:

  • So what's it like being a new father?
  • How did training camp go and what are your expectations for this year's squad.
  • How much have you had a chance to work with coach Bruce Burnett? He got thrown back into the mix midway through this cycle. How have the preparations been the same and how have they been different compared to past World and Olympic Teams?
  • In 2011, your ear exploded and your singlet got ripped during your first World Championships, in 2012, it was the Olympics, in 2013, you broke your ankle and were planning a wedding and now in 2014, you had your first child. Is there ever going to be a “normal” leading into this time of year?
  • How much does the acclimation camps help prepare you for the time differences and things of that nature?
  • Many here in the United States regard you as the best pound-for-pound wrestler in the world. You believe you're the best in the world, I'd even say you know you're the best in the world, but who are some other wrestlers worldwide you've seen that are some of the best pound-for pound?

Check out Jordan Burroughs on the web at www.jordanburroughs.com and of course, his extremely popular Twitter feed at @alliseeisgold.

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