J.D. Oliva is carving out quite the career for himself as a fiction writer. The wrestling coach at Illinois’ DeKalb High School is publishing a trilogy of books via Kickstarter with his new series, The Wolf Stone Saga.

Link: http://kck.st/3EpOqae

Oliva also writes on the topic of professional wrestling for FightGameMedia and the first half of our show talks about the crossover with professional wrestling and collegiate and international level wrestling, some of its origins and our thoughts on what the WWE and professional wrestling in general will do with stars like Gable Steveson, A.J. Ferrari and Jacob Kasper either headed to the business or signed to pursue the venture following their competitive years.

The second half of Episode 703 dives into Oliva’s writing, its origins and inspirations as well as the development of a novel, a series and how he lays out his ideas. It’s quite the dichotomy of a show with an interesting guy who also spends his summers coaching at the freestyle and Greco-Roman mats.

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Short Time Wrestling Podcast: Episode 703 – April 25, 2022

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